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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. - Winston Churchill


YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL when you take action


I help people just like you achieve Goals and Dreams.

Get Great Results in life!

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Realize your Success!

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completely free too

What if you began to do something so completely different

that you would not only be confident of success, but you would build a legendary legacy?

Your NEW OPPORTUNITY... begins each moment.  


In this year of twenty-two, your spirit breath begins anew  

To form whichever way you can, reality a life to span  

It's like the wind or rain or snow to lilt however it may go  

Or as the river path may flow, the currents eddy often so  

To forge a path is never fast, for empires seldom ever last  

Legends endure beyond years, built of many trials and tears  

h mark taylor


What is your New Year's Resolution, and does anyone care?

If you brag about your great resolution, people are bound to smile and think, "Tell me how you are doing with it in February!" Because everyone knows that most New Year's Resolutions are short-lived and old habits are hard to die.  


Statistics indicate that more than 70% of the American population will make some resolution for the New Year, and over 50% of those think that they will be successful. In reality, a mere 9% feel they have been successful by the end of the year (and then it's time to start over again). What are the main reasons given for failure to achieve their goal?  

  •  Unrealistic Goals  

  • No Accountability  

  • Lack of Self-Control  


What if you began to do something so completely different that you would not only be confident of success, but you would build a legacy? Is it possible? Absolutely! Is it easy? NO! Although it is possible for anyone, becoming a legend is not for the lazy or faint of heart, and it requires focus and intentionality. Here are four steps you can take right now to begin your path to legendary success:  

  1.  Stop making New Year's Resolutions.  

  2. Discover your Purpose.  

  3. Engage Accountability.  

  4. Be Intentional  

  5. Give to others – pass it on!  


What you need to know:  

  • It will take longer and cost more than expected. This is a journey of success, not one step to fame and fortune.  

  • Expect failures, roadblocks, and detours. These are Learning experiences to help guide us. Fail Forward!  

  • The end of it will look nothing like you planned in the beginning; It will be more wonderful!  


Do It Faster:

Now, I know that almost everyone reading this would like to know how to shortcut the process and get to the result faster because that is how the human spirit works. We want immediate results, and any shortcut will do if we can't get the immediate results we desire. So I will give you the best way to get faster results, but most of you will not like it – and I will give you my disclaimer afterward. Here are the three best ways to get legendary results faster.  

  1. Get an open mind willing to change.   

  2. Hire a coach.  

  3. Engage Accountability.  



Do you have an open mind, and how would you know? TEST: Think of an issue of which you vehemently disagree. Have you taken time to research the other point of view and listen (without comment) to a different perspective? If not, you do not have an open mind and probably need to buy one. How do you "Buy" an open mind? Coaching and it will cost you financially.  



Not just "any" coach will do because there are a lot of misconceptions about coaching, what coaching is, and how to coach someone. If you have a coach who tells you what you should do or make suggestions for you – FIRE Them! That may be mentoring, counseling, or manipulation - but it is not coaching. The ICF outlines coaching best practices, and the John Maxwell Team coaches adhere to strict coaching guidelines, but there are plenty of great coaches out there otherwise.  



Not just any person or any accountability will work best for you, and this takes careful thought, planning, and determination to evaluate someone as a good accountability person. Here are some guidelines:  

Not someone to whom you are attracted. No romantic desires or encounters or terminate the accountability. You can continue with a different type of relationship, just not for accountability.  

  • The person will tell you the truth whether you like it or not.  

  • The person is committed to YOUR objectives and goals.  

  • They are willing to invest time with you.  

  • Again, a coach can provide great accountability, and it will cost you financially and in terms of time.  



This is my disclaimer. I'm not marketing anything to you. I am not taking on coaching clients now, and I'm not trying to build a business. I get requests from people who want to show me how to build a $$$ business in 30 days – thank you very much, but I am not interested. I'm 110% busy and engaged, and this is my way of giving back to the community.   


No matter where you find yourself in life, you CAN be very successful and build a lasting legendary legacy.  





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