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Updated: Jul 20, 2022

What if you began to do something so completely different that

you would not only be confident of success, but you would build a legendary legacy?

Your NEW OPPORTUNITY... begins each moment.

In this year of twenty-two, your spirit breath begins anew To form whichever way you can, reality a life to span It's like the wind or rain or snow to lilt however it may go Or as the river path may flow, the currents eddy often so To forge a path is never fast, for empires seldom ever last Legends endure beyond years, built of many trials and tears

What is your New Year's Resolution, and does anyone care? If you brag about your great resolution, people are bound to smile and think, "Tell me how you are doing with it in February!" Because everyone knows that most New Year's Resolutions are short-lived and old habits are hard to die.

Statistics indicate that more than 70% of the American population will make some resolution for the New Year, and over 50% of those think that they will be successful. In reality, a mere 9% feel they have been successful by the end of the year (and then it's time to start over again). What are the main reasons given for failure to achieve their goal?

  • Unrealistic Goals

  • No Accountability

  • Lack of Self-Control