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Why is Life Difficult?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Have you ever wondered why? Why is it so hard to sometimes do the least little thing? Why people are difficult to get along with and sometimes just bratty, belligerent, or bully? Why do we sometimes become despondent and give up easily on our hopes and dreams, live in drudgery, and swim in the mediocre?

Some Examples

Doris works in a corporate position where her manager doesn’t see any potential in her. Even with her exemplary work, she is passed over for promotions and only receives poor salary reviews which color her opportunity for other positions. She previously enjoyed her job, but now she dreads going to work each day.

Joe has a mediocre job, but he is hanging in there looking forward to retirement. When he first met Juanita, they seemed to have a great time together with plenty in common. Yet, after 20 years of being together, they seemed to fight more than talk. If he isn’t in an argument with her, they basically just keep to themselves. In fact, it seems they spend more time at work or avoiding each other than trying to communicate. Joe and Juanita wonder if there isn’t something better.

I was working on my cabin the other day, something I do a lot because we are trying to finish the interior. Almost every time I begin what seems like a simple task, it turns out to be very difficult as problem after problem occurs. I was installing some concrete board on an interior wall by our woodstove. Turns out the 2x4’s I was attaching to were warped and twisted so I had to take the concrete sheet off and fix the 2x4’s. When I started, I thought this was maybe a one-hour job. It took about 5 hours over 2 days. I was frustrated and it was not enjoyable.