Victory or Defeat

There are a lot of ways to make a defeated Christian. First, what makes a defeated Christian? You know... The one that sits in the pew Sunday after Sunday and goes through their week too busy for anything else. Grabs a sermon at church, listens to Christian talk and music – maybe even does a bit of Bible study or worship.

The person who feels so condemned all the time. Someone that is waiting for that moment of healing to do something great. What does the Bible say about Christians with no fruit? Something like, "I'll cut that branch off and throw it in the fire. What does that say about us? That we should start to do good works or witness because we are afraid God will cut us off and throw us in the fire?

Not at all. It says that we may not understand God's gentleness, kindness, love, and patience. Maybe we lack the Spirit of God in our life. The Bible, in Romans 8.9 calls that not being saved. Should we go running up to the altar every week to get saved? No. We should believe God's Word and proceed about our life in adherence to it. God appreciates obedience more than a sacrifice.

What good is fasting a day a week or more if I don't do the things He says in the Bible? Like love God and my neighbor. Love God first and then love people.

But what if I'm not a loving kind of person?

Then let the Spirit of God that is in you, if you are saved, create a love in you like no other. He can do that because he is God. If His Spirit truly lives in your heart of course you will be convicted of actions and thoughts. But not to be condemned in any way as in Romans 1.1 and on. We confess our sins as instructed in 1John and we are cleansed of All sins. Maybe you don't feel cleansed but you Must believe God's Word more than your feelings. God's Word is true above all is. Above what I think, feel, hear, taste, touch, or want.

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