This is Life Calling

Have you ever had a phone call from someone trying to sell you something?

"This is Bob and I'm calling to give you a special opportunity to buy your life back."

"Uhhh, I didn't know I sold it."

But yes, you did. Probably many years ago when you gave up on your dreams, hopes, and desires. There are many people who work at what they consider to be mundane jobs. They are not happy. There are also many people who work at very prestigious jobs. They are also not happy.

When I coach people, one of the questions I like to ask is, "What does success mean for you?" Many people answer, "I want to be happy." I think if you ask anyone, "Do you want to be happy?" they would answer in the affirmative. Does anyone really want to be sad or depressed? Judging from the myriad books and articles on the subject, probably "No!"

Here is the quandary though; If you are not happy already, what situation, relationship, location, or thing is going to make you happy and for how long? I know plenty of people who are not married who want to be married and plenty of people who are married who don't want to be married… at least not to the person they are married to.

Remember when you were a child and you were really looking forward to something? Maybe you wanted a certain toy or wanted to do a certain activity? Perhaps you wanted to visit someone or go somewhere? Now think about a time when you got what you wanted.

When I was a young boy, Grandma and Grandpa would take me to the Dime Store. In those days they actually had things that only cost a few pennies or a dime. I was always excited because I knew that Grandma and Grandpa were going to buy me some little trinket or toy. I would be happy and it would be fun for a little bit, but today, I can't tell you one thing they bought me. Think about when you got something you really wanted. Are you still happy about it? You may have been happy about it for a few minutes, but are you still happy today? No. The happiness from external experiences does not last and, in fact, it probably wasn't as great as you thought it would be. Lots of children want to go to Disneyland and they dream of going to Disneyland. I've been to Disneyland and I've never seen as many unhappy children as I have at Disneyland; crying, frowning, upset, tired. And their parents with them aren't really thrilled either. They may have periods of fun, but they're not happy.

External happiness will never last or bring you success or enable you to achieve your dreams, hopes, and desires. Let me paint you a picture that I think will help you grab a hold of this. I really enjoy laying down in the grass, watching the clouds go by and just vegging out. It just really makes me happy. But I can guarantee you no one is going to pass by and see me laying in the grass on our farm and say, "Oh Wow! Now there is a successful guy." Just because I’m happy doesn’t mean I’m successful and I know some very successful people and they aren’t happy. Happiness is not equated to success. External circumstances can make us happy for a moment but it quickly fades.

External happiness doesn't automatically result in success. But if you have internal joy and happiness on the inside, it will last forever and it doesn't matter what your circumstances are on the outside. It can be difficult, painful, stressful, overwhelming - but you will still be happy.

Have you ever watched the TV show "America's Got Talent"? There was a young lady who auditioned on America's Got Talent. She was a singer, and pretty good too. Plus, she wrote her own song and performed it, very talented. At the end of her song the judges were blown away by her positive, happy attitude. They couldn't understand how she could be so upbeat. You see, she had stage 4 cancer with a 2% survival rate. This is what she said,

"You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy."

Happiness is a decision, and it does not make you successful but it can certainly help when you are not successful. Because, if you are happy on the inside, you will be happy on the outside as well.

There are times when it may not seem worth the effort. You'll want to give up, do something less difficult, take the easy way out, abandon the cause. Because, achieving your dreams and success is going to cost you more than you planned in terms of time, more than you calculated in terms of finances, it will take more effort than you expected, and your relationships will be tested in the steel foundry. Additionally, there is always a risk that you will not achieve your dream or the success that you are striving for. But you can still be happy.

Jane Marczewski, aka Nightbirde got the Golden Buzzer from Simon and went on to fight to achieve her dream. However, she made a decision to drop out of the competition so that she could put her effort to fight for a higher goal: her life. It was a very difficult decision and a terrible disappointment for her. Some people would say she gave up and lost her chance for success. But I would say she is living out her success every day. You see, every morning when she wakes up, she has made it one more day, she's alive, and it's a victory and a success.

If you are alive, it is never too late to begin to take steps to fulfill your dreams, hopes, and desires. No matter how young, no matter how old, no matter the circumstances. It begins by changing your Attitude, becoming Intentional, and learning to accept the support of people who believe in you.

Everyone has a higher calling than just their job or trade. Many times, we meet someone and say, "What do you do?" and then judge them according to their employment or position in life.

You are so much greater than your current role in life. Get intentional and FLY.

Fear need not control you

Life demands breath and imagination

You can Do It

"This is Bob and I'm calling to give you a special opportunity to buy your life back."
"Oh yeah? What will it cost me?"
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