Things My Daughter Says

Things that my daughter said when quite young; 8 years and less.

I'm watching TV and Andrea runs in, stands in front of the TV, and holds up a pretend microphone.

"Excitement report!!! We interrupt this program for a very important announcement – Chico is falling asleep.” (Chico was our dog at the time)

"Our country has a Decoration of Independence.” (5 yrs)

At the park, Sunday afternoon

Andrea: "You know that comedian, John Candy, died.”

Dad: "Yeah, it's a shame.”

Andrea: "Why is it a shame?”

Dad: "Because he probably wasn't didn't know God. Whenever someone dies without Christ -- it's a shame.”

Andrea: "Well -- I know one great comedian who will be in heaven.

I looked up from our picnic lunch. She was looking steadily into my eyes with great conviction. I cocked my head to one side, wondering where she was going with this.

"Oh, who is that?” I asked, returning her gaze.

"You!” she said, not wavering her gaze. Then she looked away and began eating again. I thought the moment was over but presently she continued.

"You would make John Candy laugh!

What a great honor my daughter gave me. She didn't say it to be nice or compliment me. She really meant it.

Driving home from church with Andrea, I said, "I wish you could drive, I'm so tired!” Andrea (8 yrs old) replies, "Well all I need is a couple of books to sit on and a license and... I'm off!

Andrea talks about missing someone: "You may not feel this way but for me it's like being thirsty except not for water.” (6 yrs)

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