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The Thanksgiving... Chicken?

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

As a family tradition, we usually pick up a Turkey or a Ham at a local specialty company. A few years ago, however, I didn't do my diligence and so the day before Thanksgiving found me at the local grocery chain store scrounging for an ‘unfrozen’ turkey. ​ Being in a hurry I saw what I thought was a small Purdue turkey in a bag. The small size of 6 lbs. should have clued me off but I grabbed it and threw it in the oven the next morning. It was nice because it was in the bag ready to go and no prep was necessary. Everyone just loved it and it was probably the best turkey we ever ate... except for one thing. ​ It was so good that I decided to get another one for Christmas. Back at the grocery I forage for that delicious 'Turkey in a Bag' but I don't see any in the meat section. So I ask the butcher about the 'Purdue Turkey in a Bag'. ​ He states, "We don't sell anything like that." ​ "Well," I explain further, "This was a ready to cook thing, I think the label said it was a Roaster." ​ The gentleman butcher looks at me kindly and says, "A Roaster is a chicken, not a turkey.” ​ "Oh...” my face flushing red, “...of course... a roaster is a Chicken." ​ Well, it was the best Thanksgiving Chicken we ever ate and I did get another one for Christmas. Now it's kind of become a new tradition in the family. ​ But, "SHHH! Don't tell anyone!