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The Law of Life

If we are praying and seeking with no answer, then maybe we are asking for or about the wrong thing. I know many people, including myself, who want to overcome some thing in their life or earnestly seek an answer for some situation but continue to struggle. Watchman Née in his book “The Normal Christian Life” deals with this issue in his treatise on the Biblical book of Romans. Romans deals with the law of sin and death and the law of Life in Christ. We are very familiar with the law of sin and death; not so much with the law of Life in Christ. The law of sin and death is seen in any struggle of trying to do what is right yet instead doing what we know is wrong. It can be anything from an unhealthy addiction to an ongoing argument or bitterness. Watchman Née details this in the following: The law of sin and death is like gravity. If I drop a handkerchief it will fall to the ground, it is an immutable law. The law of life is a second law that has been put in place to overcome the law of sin and death. So now, when I drop the handkerchief it still begins to fall but a hand catches it before it can drop. The law of gravity is still in operation , but a Greater Law has been implemented to overcome it. So, if this is true, why do we still struggle? Watchman Née continues: These laws are not a result of our conscious efforts. Birds overcome gravity and fly. If we could ask a bird, it knows nothing of Newton and the concept of gravity. The bird’s nature is to fly and so it does. We do not make our heart to beat, it simply does. Sometimes we may struggle to sleep and our efforts to sleep only make it worse, until we stop trying so hard and just relax. The problem we have as humans is that we have been trained to think that everything is a result of our efforts. But that is the law of sin and death operating in us. The law of Life in Christ is a letting go and falling back into the hand of God.