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The Agony of Pain

A bit ago I just finished reading an article on pain. It basically tried to encourage the reader to have patience through the pain and be positive because "...this was just a testing for the next level or promotion of God." I remember when I, was in terrible emotional pain. I didn't care about being positive or getting a promotion in God's kingdom. All I cared about was to get out of pain and be happy. That's all I wanted. But since I had never really been happy my entire life I didn't know if it was possible for me to ever be happy.

During the time when I was in the worst pain God began to teach me some things and I pass them on to you. It is important to note that before I came to this point in my life I had studied the Bible to some degree and had a fairly solid foundation as far as what the Bible taught in different areas. This foundation was crucial in helping to carry me through the hard times I was about to face.

One of the first things God taught me was to stop looking at others and start looking at myself. I would typically do either one of two things. I would either look at others and see their faults or I would look at others and see how much better they appeared than I. God began to show me who I was and what He had made me be. I was not the same as others but I was good enough based on what God said, not what I thought about myself. This was very important as I began to see myself the way God saw me and not the way I felt about me. I no longer had to compete with someone else or try to be like someone else. I didn't have to try so hard to get others to accept me. Instead, I began to accept myself just the way I was. I figured if God accepted me just as I am then I might as well do the same.

God a