Sin - No Big Deal?

People get all upset at the word "sin" but for a believer in Jesus Christ it's really no big deal. How can I make such a statement?

When sin keeps us away from God - it is a VERY big deal. After all God went to a lot of trouble to get us out from under it. For someone who has never made a commitment to believe in Jesus Christ for salvation - sin is a big deal. It is a wall between that person and the God who wants them to know Him.

Because I know God and He took care of all my sin when Jesus died on the cross and came back alive almost 2,000 years ago. Every day of our life we fail in different areas. Sometimes it is blatant and intentional and sometimes it's not intentional. Either way we hurt someone else, ourselves or God in some way -- a mean thought, an unkind word, a lack of thankfulness... But I can come to God, confess these things and know for sure I am one of my Father's favorite people. I don't have to earn His favor, He already gave it to me.

For those trying to earn their way to heaven sin is devastating because you have to start all over again and get back in good standing. But the Lord Jesus Christ did not go through what He did so I could try to earn my way to heaven. In fact, He knew I could never earn my way to heaven - that's why He did what He did.

For those who don't care about God sin may not have much meaning at all. Unfortunately for many Christians sin has way too much meaning. We seem consumed by it and think about it often if not all the time. But Jesus came to set us free (He said so Himself) not to condemn us and make us feel guilty. Guess who is doing that? I know where to go. I don't run away from God...I run "to" God.

To my church friends who don't quite understand this let me clarify a few things. First, I am not saying sin is not important. It is the reason we need salvation. Secondly, I am not saying God just doesn't care about the sin in your and my life. He cares deeply about it because it hurts us and He is a good Father and doesn't want to see us destroy ourselves like we are so apt to do. However, God is not sitting in heaven wringing His hands and saying, "Woe is me, what shall I do about all this sin!" He already did something about it and it just isn't an issue any more. Does that mean I can just go out and do whatever I want? Yes, it does. So what stops me? One of the marks of any true Christian is that there is no longer a desire to sin because you have a new heart and you are a new person. I don't lay awake at night thinking up ways to sin. When I blow it and do something wrong I feel terrible. But I know where to go.

I don't run away from God... I run to Him.

© Copyright h mark taylor 2021

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