Pride Begins With I



I often think I know better than everyone else and I seem to think I'm here to correct people's thought processes. It's called pride.

I can envision humility as this beautiful, glistening pool of clear blue water - jumping into a pool of God and being totally immersed in the waters of God's presence and knowledge which puts my knowledge and wisdom into stark perspective as if a grain of sand has any ability to comprehend the beach on which it lies, let alone the universe beyond.

The problem is this: that pool where I need to totally immerse myself, is like one single drop of water on a blade of grass. As I stand looking down, I find myself much too large to possibly fit into it. And I dare not even touch the droplet lest it becomes disturbed, collapse, and flow away, never to be found again.

And yet, there are times, by the grace of God, I find myself so small and tiny, small enough that the droplet is like an ocean to me. To be engulfed in the cleansing waves of God's infinite love, mercy, patience, and kindness. For a moment in time, I feel humility. But as soon as I realize the thought, I am larger than ever and the drop of dew has evaporated from sight in the harsh summer heat. And… I feel all alone again as if I could be cut off from God's grace.

© Copyright h mark taylor 2021

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