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Outlook 2016 Templates

Things should not really be as difficult as they sometimes are. I'm trying to create a template in Outlook and then a fast way to access it. Easy right? NOOOOOOOOO!

First Create a template

  1. Create a new email.

  2. Add Subject and body.

  3. If you are adding something below the signature line, keep your signature and modify the registry (see below)to make the signature line NOT appear on forms. Otherwise you will have two signature lines in the email. The signature sill still appear on normal emails but not on an email you create from a form. I like to just put the signature in the template once instead of letting Outlook add it when creating an email from the template.

  4. When done designing your template, in the email Click Save As. There is a dropdown named Save As Type above the Save button - the Save As Type title is on the left side bottom.