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Knowing You, Knowing Me, Knowing God

It's kind of like Grasping After Straws.

We want to hold on to each other, yet we are slipping away with each passing day, not knowing the time when suddenly we shall be lost and never found in this life again. Cessation of heart and breath and the day has forever changed, leaving us lonely and alone with no consolation to be found.

We can't know, in this life, the great joy that awaits us when, in that future time, all things will be made new. So we suffer under our current misunderstanding and blindness. If we would only look to God and His word then we would be comforted with comfort that is not understandable in human terms. It is unspeakable. For in the times that I find myself in the deepest darkness and surrounded by the demons of my own making, it is then that light seems to break through the darkness and wrap me in arms of peace and satisfaction. Tears and sorrow are broken by joy and laughter and amusement at the disconnect of it all.

We make up our own reality and somehow think it is God. But things are like God says they are, not how we pretend it is or could be in our own imagination. It helps to be very well versed and grounded in scripture and to not allow your mind to deviate from that. Because, like