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When I listen to John Maxwell speak, I think about 2 things. One is that Mr. Maxwell seems to be a very positive, intentional, and relatively happy person. The second is that I’m somewhat amazed and overwhelmed with putting into action even a small portion of what he talks about. He learned how to be “intentionally” successful at a very young age, and he practices it every day and has practiced it for many years.

Personally, I view myself as successful in many ways. However, mine is an accidental success, and I was often surprised by it. Have you ever gone into a dark room, and you’re feeling along the wall for a light switch? Yeah, that’s how I became successful – there was very little intentionality about it. I wonder what I could have achieved if I had been intentional at a younger age. But here is the thing. Please take a deep breath in… then let it out. That’s called the art of breathing. You do it all the time. If you are alive and breathing, it’s never too late to start being intentional. And this is my start to become intentionally successful.

When I moderate a REAL Success mastermind, I start by defining success as a journey, not a destination. It’s a continual unfolding of intentional learning over time; some for gain, some for loss. I looked at failure and loss as a negative experience; if I didn’t get what I wanted, I would pout and throw a fit. Some of you here today