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There are those who are 'insiders' on Wall Street. They have the information, they know the game, the rules. They know the people and are at home in that environment. I know nothing about Wall Street or stock except it goes up and down.

There are people who are 'insiders' in government. Perhaps a friend of the president, although I wonder if you have any when you become president. Certainly those who have access to the president would be considered an 'insider'. If I tried to saunter into the oval office I have no doubt my audience would be the interior of a local jail cell and not the president. However, there are those who go in and out freely, they talk and joke with the president, know him very well and have access to him. 'Insiders'.

There is probably a certain amount of pride that goes along with being an insider and well deserved. Sometimes we stand in awe of insiders because they have access we don't have, knowledge we do not know. Perhaps we are even a bit jealous. What would it be like to stroll into the office of the president of the United States (past all the guards), flop down in a chair and have him or her stop what they are doing and say, "Hey, how are you today?” Would you feel just a little bit important and special?

Guess what? You have exactly that kind of access to the highest office in the Universe! There is none higher in all creation! Just by being, as the Bible puts it, 'born again' you have the right and the access to go strolling into God's main office at any time of day or night, in any condition. God is never too busy with a