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Are you Happy Yet?

What would it take for you to be Happy?

It was a question that took me by surprise one Sunday afternoon. A bit earlier, I had looked out the kitchen window of our mid-western farm cabin and spied my life-long partner, friend, wife, and champion horticulturist digging weeds out of the gravel with her triangular Korean digging tool commonly referred to as a Homey. It occurred to me that I might like to go out and sit by her and watch what she was doing, so I did. It didn’t take long for a conversation to develop.

Without looking up, she said, “What would it take for you to be Happy?”

Sitting on the gravel nicely warmed by the August sun, I considered her question and my response. Her question was interesting because it called out two important observations: my state of being and intentionality in life.

As a coach, speaker, and trainer, I have the opportunity to ask people a slightly different question, “What does success mean for you?” People often answer, “I want to be happy!”

While I think we all can identify with a desire to be happy, their idea of “HOW” to be happy is very different. Most people see their happiness as dependent on external circumstances. For instance, some single people may think they would