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How to Overcome Habits and Addictions

How to overcome unhealthy habits and patterns in your life.

There are 3 basic steps to overcoming unhealthy habits and patterns. I will not define "unhealthy" but leave that up to you for discovery. However, on its foundation, "unhealthy" means anything that is causing damage to you or others around you. My disclaimer is that these are my ideas based on observation, not on scientific evidence or common psychology understandings.

Here are the 3 steps or phases:

  1. Self-Aware.

  2. The Pain must outweigh the Gain.

  3. Willing to make a change.

A person must become self-aware that there is a problem. If we do not think something is a problem, then there is no incentive to change what we are doing, and we generally will not change. There is a lot of effort involved in changing our behavior. Therefore, if we are not convinced of its value, we will not expend the effort to change.