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Great Exercise - No Gym

I'm going to give you some premium tips (for free) about how to get in great shape with no gym and just a small outlay of cash. This is kind of tongue-in-cheek but it is real and you can really do it. Always consult with your physician before starting any exercise regimen and use caution in lifting and any exercise. Start slow and work up to your fittest self.

At the time I am writing this in late April of 2020, the nation, as with many others, is in lockdown due to the Covid19 virus. Only time will tell the real story and efficacy of everything that has occurred. My wife and I are currently sequestered on our rural farm where we have built a cabin. It's a pretty nice cabin all in all but we are doing much of the work on it.

One of the tasks is to install a perimeter fence. Not for burglars, but for deer and other garden-eating creatures. Probably wherever you are, a garden is nothing more than an outdoor café for whatever critters happen to be in the area. Once you plant anything, it's like a neon sign, "COME AND GET IT - TIME TO EAT!" A fence may not keep them all out but it makes one feel better as if appropriate steps have been taken to protect what is ours.

Come to find out, it's a lot of work to put up a fence. We opted for a chain link and turns out to be about 800 feet of it. The fence is expensive, the labor is one of love or should be