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Focus Finish

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Do you want to take your leadership influence to the next level? Improve your Focus/Finish and help others to do the same. Embrace change, prioritize, and be intentional.

Focus/Finish is a critical strategy of leadership and influence. A leader, a person of influence who continually loops through iterations that are never complete, is not effective. There are three strategies to embrace to improve your leadership and influence in this area.

  1. Embrace Change - A willingness to change is the first step. Any leader who realizes that they don't know it all is on a good growth path.

  2. Prioritize - There will never be enough time to do what is necessary. The first things to be dropped are soft skills like growing self and growing others. Yet, these are the areas that will impact your leadership and your influence the most. The second part of prioritization is to prioritize success. Out of your top 10 prioritized issues, what are your top three where you can move the needle today and this week? Hint: look at the root cause. i.e., How can you deal with the root cause to eliminate repetitive work if there is a repeating issue?

  3. Intentionality - Don't Give Up! You will find yourself derailed - it's okay. Get back on track the best way possible and do everything you can not to allow other competing, lower priority issues to detract attention. Let's say that on Monday, you identify your top three; A, B, C. Then, four other issues derail the top three. Solution: On Tuesday, regroup. Look at what happened and adjust to eliminate or derail the interruptions. Perhaps work processes need to change or how you deal with schedule and scope. Like any change, being intentional and focused will not be popular or easy, but you can do it.

Hearts Of Iron (HOI) is a popular strategy game. As with any game, you can employ published "cheats" to circumvent your gameplay. It is sometimes necessary to implement a game cheat at the code level, outside of the actual gameplay interface. For example, Hearts of Iron has several codes you can use to manipulate the gameplay to your parameters. Using "cheats" in a game is similar to what we want to do with our leadership in Focus/Finish. We may need to temporarily drop out of our daily modus operandi, tweak our process, and then resume the "game" and evaluate our effectiveness.