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Do Dogs go to Heaven?

I can't definitively say whether or not pets go to heaven. I can tell you that, having just lost our loyal German Shepherd of ten years... I hope it is so. Because somewhere in my heart there is an empty place that just wants to see him one more time. I would pull into the driveway on our farm and get out of the car and here he would come tail wagging to greet me every time. When he did something wrong and I would yell at him, he would hang his head and go lay down on one of his many large doggie beds and look at me and blow out a big sigh. Then he would stare at me with sad eyes until I relented and said, "Ohhh, okay, come on over here." With a bound, he would leap up, run over, and lay his head on my leg and lean against me; everything instantly forgiven and forgotten. At 100 lbs that's a lot of dog leaning but I didn't seem to mind it much. I wonder at how well we treat our dogs sometimes. I don't give that much attention to my family or friends I'm fairly certain.

Nowadays, when I get out of the car, he doesn't come running out to meet me. I walk across the back field to our garden where there is a Asian-style grave and memo