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Desire - The Missing


As I was praying this morning I found the word I have been looking for. I didn't know I was even looking for it until I found it. The word is the basic problem that we all have with life, death, and justice. The word is, "DESIRE.”

We pursue what we desire. Because of the way our heart, mind, and psyche works, we generally pursue what we desire. Alcoholics pursue a drink, druggies pursue drugs, and some of these spend great amounts of money and effort to change, or learn how to control, their desire. But it could be desire for money, power, food, or a spot of water. Just depends on your circumstances.

If we take an example of one of the most basic needs; food – we can provide a simple explanation. There are many people in the world who go to sleep hungry. They wake up hungry. There is not enough to eat. They are starving. They could die. They are in a situation and an environment where there is not enough. Not enough money to buy what they need or perhaps not enough food to even go around. If we were in this situation, and if we were of a mind to pray, wouldn't it seem smart to pray for food?