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As I was praying this morning I found the word I have been looking for. I didn't know I was even looking for it until I found it. The word is the basic problem that we all have with life, death, and justice. The word is, "DESIRE.”

We pursue what we desire. Because of the way our heart, mind, and psyche works, we generally pursue what we desire. Alcoholics pursue a drink, druggies pursue drugs, and some of these spend great amounts of money and effort to change, or learn how to control, their desire. But it could be desire for money, power, food, or a spot of water. Just depends on your circumstances.

If we take an example of one of the most basic needs; food – we can provide a simple explanation. There are many people in the world who go to sleep hungry. They wake up hungry. There is not enough to eat. They are starving. They could die. They are in a situation and an environment where there is not enough. Not enough money to buy what they need or perhaps not enough food to even go around. If we were in this situation, and if we were of a mind to pray, wouldn't it seem smart to pray for food?

Ah Ha! This is the key to it all. The natural desire is for food. Hey, I'm starving after all, come on, let's be reasonable. That sounds reasonable doesn't it? Well, doesn't it?

The interesting thing is this. If we would rather wrap ourselves up in the wonder and desire of God, we would have no room for any other desire. We may still be hungry but it wouldn't matter because there is a greater desire. More than that, we would be fed.

The basic concept of this comes from the Bible in the first part of Matthew 4. Jesus went to the wilderness to be tempted. After 40 days and nights of fasting he was a little hungry. Do you think? But what was his over-riding desire? Satan tells him, "Hey, make these stones bread and take care of that desire.” You know Christ's response. There was a greater desire working in him.

Secondarily, the Bible tells of situations like Elijah where there was a famine in the land. He goes to a little town, to a little widow with a little son, with little food. You know the story and can find it in 1Kings 17; God sustained them. There are other references as well and not just about food. Perhaps the most eloquent communication is found in Psalm 37. "I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.” The point is... who is our provider? What desires rule our life?

So here is a little test. Take a few minutes and pray about this. Now, while you are praying, think about what you REALLY want to be doing right now. What is it that pulls at the fiber of your being to go and do? Watch TV? Eat something? Work on a project? Or is God so much your desire that you just can't bear to break away?

How do we change our desire? Maybe start by asking God to change it. I'm wondering if fasting doesn't do something to cause a break in it. I don't know right now. But I do know that God promises to provide wisdom to those that ask.

If you are like me, I'm sorry for you. No, that's just my humor. If you're like me, you really want to see people being the best they can be, fulfilling their purpose and true desire, and in unity. What I discovered this morning, which you probably already knew, was to ask God to change our desire: Mine, my family's, people in leadership, your family, every last one of us. If we have a simple change of desire, we can safely pursue what we desire and we will all be better off because of it.

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