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When I started out with mining and not understanding what I was doing, I accidentally transferred some coin into XMO. I meant to transfer it to XMR and I had set up an XMR wallet. Of course the XMO would not appear in that wallet.

How to Recover Monero Original XMO

Btw, I'm using an iMac but you can do the same thing on a PC or Linux but you have to use command line. Here is what I did to get my XMO back into a wallet and then transfer it somewhere else. The GUI wallet will not work. I don't know why except that it "seems" to be syncing to the wrong blockchain. I had to download the CLI (command line interface) wallet and run the Monerod application from a terminal. It took many days for the sync to complete and there were many errors appearing as it did so. When the sync completely finished. I used my original seed words and password to recreate a wallet with the same address as the XMO was sent to. Only then could I see my balance and I quickly sent it somewhere else to get the XMO out of that wallet and into a different coin. Below I provide the steps I used to accomplish this. People new to this, including myself, always seem to ask, "Where is my coin? Did I lose it?" To answer where your XMO coin is... it's simply a blockchain transaction. When you sync the appropriate XMO blockchain and open the appropriate wallet with the correct receiving address, the XMO will appear there. You can delete the wallet and recreate it because the record of where the coin is supposed to be is in the blockchain - it's not "in your wallet". It's a different way of thinking about it. At least that's my very basic understanding of it from many days of trying to recover my XMO and figure out what was happening. Feel free to correct me and add to the conversation. Sync to the correct blockchain, recreate your wallet, and you will have your coin. However, if you don't have your seed words and password used to create the address, I don't know what you can do. Those are necessary to recreate a wallet with the matching address. Here are the steps.

  1. Download the appropriate monero-original- application from It's for pc or monero-original-mac-x64-v0.11.3.0.tgz for mac. You will need some type of unzip application to extract the files. OS X has the Archive utility, you can use 7zip, or Win10 you may be able to right click and choose Extract on the right click menu. Note the location of the folder where the monerod application is located.

  2. Open the Terminal utility on OS X or the command (cmd) prompt application on a PC. Change to the directory that you extracted from the downloaded file. The folder should be named monero-original-win-x64-v0.11.3.0 for PC and monero-original- on OS X. For Mac or PC you can just type cd xxxxx where xxxxx is the path of the folder. For instance, if you are on OS X, find the folder, right click and choose Get Info, and copy the Where information starting with Users. It would be something like this example: /Users/name/Downloads/monero-original- It may look a little different but copy it and then open a Terminal window. You can press Command plus spacebar, type terminal, press enter. In the Terminal window type cd and paste what you copied from the Get Info window and press enter. Should look something like this: cd /Users/name/Downloads/monero-original- . You can use the ls command to list files. On a PC, hold down the Shift key, right click the folder, choose Copy as path from the menu. Then open a command window (left click start button, type cmd, press enter). In the cmd window type cd and paste then press enter - it should look similar to this: cd "C:\Users\name\Downloads\monero-original-win-x64-v0.11.3.0\monero-original-v0.11.3.0" . You can use the dir command to list files.

  3. Run the monerod application. On OS X type ./monerod . On a PC just type monerod . The application should start to run inside the command window. You will get antivirus security warnings about it and the antivirus may not let it run in which case you will have to figure out how to Whitelist the monerod file in your antivirus security software. You may also get a warning asking if it is ok for the application to connect to the network (and Internet). You should allow it. I can't go into all the issues you may run into - who knows what can occur on a computer.

  4. Let the application run. It may take days to synchronize the blockchain because it has to download the whole thing to your computer. You essentially become a node in the blockchain and share with your peers. You may see many error messages, it may seem to stop for a while, just leave it alone, and if the computer happens to reboot then restart monerod and it should pick up where it left off.

  5. The monerod application must be running for this to work. Open a second cmd or terminal window. In the same folder as the monerod application, there is an application monero-wallet-cli. Using a command or Terminal window as above, change to the folder where this is located and start the application with this command for OS X: ./monero-wallet-cli --restore-deterministic-wallet or this command for PC: monero-wallet-cli --restore-deterministic-wallet .

  6. Wallet file name: Give the wallet the same name you used before.

  7. Specify electrum seed: copy and paste in the seed words you used for your original wallet.

  8. Enter new wallet password: use the same password you used originally.

  9. Confirm password: enter it again.

  10. Message will display: Starting refresh... and this could take a long time depending on the blockchain height. Be patient.

  11. Then it will display Refresh done, blocks received: xxxxxx (some number will display here).

  12. If you have fully downloaded and sync'd the blockchain with the monerod app, then you will see your balance and it should be more than zero. Balance: 9.023450000000, unlocked balance:9.023450000000 something similar to that.

The issues you may run into if you don't see your balance:

  • The blockchain is not fully sync'd. Try stopping the monerod process using control plus c and then restarting it. Leave it alone, it will eventually sync and the slower your Internet connection, the longer it takes.

  • The wallet was recreated incorrectly. You must use the same seed words to recreate it. I'm not sure about the password, I didn't test it out further as of yet. But I would use the same name, seed words, and password. You can check the address is correct with the address command.



  • Thanks to dEBRUYNE and begs-the-hessian for patiently helping me to understand this.

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