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CryptoCurrency How to Recover Monero Original XMO

Technical Skill: High

When I started out with mining and not understanding what I was doing, I accidentally transferred some coin into XMO. I meant to transfer it to XMR and I had set up an XMR wallet. Of course the XMO would not appear in that wallet.

How to Recover Monero Original XMO

Btw, I'm using an iMac but you can do the same thing on a PC or Linux but you have to use command line. Here is what I did to get my XMO back into a wallet and then transfer it somewhere else. The GUI wallet will not work. I don't know why except that it "seems" to be syncing to the wrong blockchain. I had to download the CLI (command line interface) wallet and run the Monerod application from a terminal. It took many days for the sync to complete and there were many errors appearing as it did so. When the sync completely finished. I used my original seed words and password to recreate a wallet with the same address as the XMO was sent to. Only then could I see my balance and I quickly sent it somewhere else to get the XMO out of that wallet and into a different coin. Below I provide the steps I used to accomplish this. People new to this, including myself, always seem to ask, "Where is my coin? Did I lose it?" To answer