Choose Carefully

A secret.

Whispered in the dark.

Say it in my ear so I can know it.

Stress or Peace? Choose one.

One wonders, as one ages, if the promise of peace is just another faith-based farce. I have wandered far enough to know I can't find it, and close enough to learn I don't have it.

No sense in being coy pretending to have something I haven't.

I don't know if I should even waste my time writing yet another book on something I know nothing of. But everyone else seems to be doing it so guess I'll have a go.

Life couldn't be better and yet, if it was, I wouldn't know it. I am ultimately stuck in mud of my own making but I can't seem to find any clean water to wash it off.

This is the story of finding clean water. I can't say I've used it well, but it flows clear and there seems to be an abundance of it. It's here for the taking. I've never been much on washing my neighbor's car. Just too busy with my own stuff, you know how it is... don't you?

© copyright 2021 h mark taylor

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