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Can I Trust God?

There are a lot of things I don't understand about God. I could make a list. A long list that would include things in the Old Testament that God said and did. Things that don't make any sense to me. Things that just don't seem to jive with His love and care. Things that don't make any sense.

What about this great and terrible God? What kind of being is this that created everything from nothing? How much higher than us that the entire creation is less than a grain of sand in His hand? Yet he is able to see a sparrow fall to the ground and care, to know the number of hairs of my head, every beat of my heart, every thought and intent. What kind of being is this? The incredible distance in every way is beyond my comprehension and, under other circumstances I would fall on my face and die in even the thought of such a presence as this.

Yet, this is not other circumstances. The circumstances are that this same God who is so far different than I created me with some of the same attributes as He. This isn't a being that is indifferent or uncaring about us – He cares intimately and has proven it over and over again.

Knowledge is definitely increasing more quickly in this time period than in any other time period we know. Yet everything we learn points us more to the fact that God intelligently designed everything; a design incredible beyond our comprehension.