Bargaining Power

There is a way, or understanding, that seems right, but the end of it results in death and destruction.

One of the main tenets of scripture is the message of Jesus Christ. As a man, he came into the world to interface with us. Philippians 2 gives us an overview of Christ's personality and, I guess, Style, if that's a good way to say it. He was humble and humbled himself willingly. Even though, as God, all of creation was at his feet, under his control, created by him. He willingly stepped down into creation, to communicate accurately to the people he had created with his own hand.

He took the concepts we thought we knew and completely blew them out of the water. He didn't say, "Well, you're close but these are the areas that need improvement." He told us we weren't even on the right track and there was no possible way to switch over to the right track because there was no pathway to it, we find we are all condemned. We may not like to believe it, but that is part of the message that Christ brought to us. He also mentioned that 'most' people would not accept his message. Only a few would believe it and that's the way it is even today.

But it's always been the way of people to just kind-of make up their own truth and determine in their own mind what is true and what is not. An example of this comes from the writings of Isaiah. In talking to the people of Israel and speaking for God, Isaiah says that God will make a king from one of the surrounding nations rise up and conquer many nations around his own. This king will not realize his victories are coming because of God. Instead he will think it is his own great power. So, in actuality, this king is clueless about what is really going on in the broader scheme of things.

We are like that and people don't want or like to hear it much less accept it. But, in reality, God doesn't have to tell us anything. He doesn't owe us anything or any information. To think that God does is to simply not understand who God is and our position. We tend to think we have some kind of bargaining chip with God, something God owes us like at least an explanation - but God doesn't owe us anything and we do not have any bargaining power at all... zero.

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