Achieving Dream Reality - Overview

Have you ever had a dream? I don’t mean a dream as in when you’re sleeping and wake up in a cold sweat. That’s more like a nightmare! I mean, have you ever had a dream about achieving something extraordinary, something great, something fantastic and wonderful? I mean that kind of dream. I think we’ve all been there and had hopes and dreams of something greater. But how many of us achieve our objectives? With the passing of time, life can be challenging and sometimes beat us into submission. We start with wonderful hopes and dreams, but reality seems to step in with the busyness, daily responsibilities, distractions, and just plain old overwhelming life. When it comes to achieving our hopes and dreams, we end up putting them in a box and storing them on a shelf for safekeeping. Over time we think about it less and less, the excitement grows stale, and our dreams fade away like a dim memory. But I’ll bet if you take a few minutes to think about it, you can still find that there is a spark of your hopes and dreams that lives within you. In the pages of this book, I’m going to give you three foundational principles that you need to know to make your dream reality and three steps you can take to embark on your mission. These foundational principles and tips will help you get started and step out on that narrow path of daily success and walk closer towards your dreams and your goals. I’m giving you the complete overview upfront so that you can know it now because I know from experience how people like to jump in and do something without reading the instructions. Then, in the following chapters, I’ll break it down into some entertaining detail. Understanding these principles will help you when the going gets hard so that you don’t give up and go back to your easy way of life. It would help if you realized some essential things, and it’s critical that you focus and understand these principles. So stop taking notes, turn off your phone, and stop being distracted for the next few minutes - I know you can do it because these are the most important things for you to understand when achieving your dream reality. TIME Number one is it takes time. And sometimes it takes a very long time. Achieving dream reality is not something you’re going to learn and start doing working towards, and then next week, you’re suddenly done and successful. The very nature of the word “Dream” suggests something beyond what we are capable of, and it is going to take time to achieve it. COST The second principle and foundational part is that it’s going to cost you. Achieving your dreams and success is going to cost you more than you think it will. It will end up taking more time than you planned, cost more in finances than you calculated, be more effort than you expected, and test your relationships in ways you did not imagine. And there is still a risk that you will not achieve your dream or the success for which you are striving. REALISTIC Finally, the third foundational principle is that you have to determine if your goal dream is realistic. I can want to be a great singer, but I can’t sing, so it’s probably not going to happen as it’s not realistic. I may want to be a great golf player, but when someone takes me to the driving range, I scare them, and then they don’t invite me back. This is only to say that the goal and dream has to be something that I can achieve. It Has to be realistic, and it Has to be in the realm of possibility. Those are three foundational principles when we’re considering embarking on the mission to achieve dream reality, and it’s also helpful with any of our goals as we strive for greater success. It will take more time and be more costly than you ever imagined, and we have to determine that it is realistic within the boundaries of our abilities. This is only to say, before you build, be sure to count the cost. It is okay to fail, and in fact, there’s no doubt that we will encounter many failures along the way. But, if our dream and goals are realistic, we will learn from our failures and fail forward and not collapse under the weight of those failures. Now that we have the principles out of the way, I want to give you three practical steps that you can take to begin to step into your journey of success towards achieving your goal of dream reality. ATTITUDE The first practical step is your attitude. Your attitude controls everything that you do and what you say. So, for instance, if you were the type of person who has negative self-talk, you will have to find a way to change that. INTENTIONALITY The second practical step is being intentional. You are going to become highly intentional about your life and what you’re doing. You will need to carefully prioritize what you do during a day and a week so that you’re consistently moving in a positive direction towards your goals. SUPPORT The third critical step is that you need to have support. And when I talk about support, I’m talking about accountability. We all have blind spots, and in the end, we’re going to do what we want to do. That’s why attitude is the first stepping stone. Then we need to gather support around us with other people of like mind who can hold us accountable so that we can continue to move in the forward direction most efficiently. As we decide to step onto the path of achieving our dreams, understanding the three principles and three steps can help put rocket fuel in our wagon and launch us into the sky with enough velocity to break the effects of gravity that would seek to pull us down. When reaching for the stars, you have to do more than simply raise your arms and jump. You have to fly.

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