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3 Tips to Renovate Your... Organization or Life?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

A Story in Progress

A few years ago, I was standing at the top of two ladders taped together (with duct tape, of course). The ladders wobble precariously in the wind as I remove an existing 90-year-old wooden gable vent that had rotted out a bit. Not bad for longevity, and I hope to be in half the condition of the wood at that age. (Hint: taping two ladders together to gain height is NOT a good safety moment).

At the bottom of the ladder, my 4-year-old daughter, Andrea, pirouettes in the grass as she performs at the Opera de Yard. Several pigeons perch on the roof, looking on with great interest, if not approval. Also at the bottom of the ladder, lying in the grass, is a thin metal gable vent to replace the old, heavy, wood vent. I glance down to ensure my daughter is doing okay, and my heart pounds as I see she is now dancing on top of the new thin metal replacement vent.

"NOOOOO! GET - OFF - THAT!" I bellow as I nearly slide down the two ladders taped together.